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We have accumulated 48 years of experience in developing our general can products to international levels. Our ongoing commitment to our customers drives us to develop new technologies to create new products that meet our customers evolving needs.

Paint Cans &
Rectangular Cans

Standard Can is a recognized leader of paint cans and rectangular cans. We use UV print and colour management systems (“CTP” computer to plate) to control colour shading, brightness and standout. In order to meet world class production standards and International Standards, such as GMP/HACCP and Food Safety, we use systematic production in a clean room. Standard can is certified by UN type Y for rectangular cans (screw cap). Standard Can produces over 20 million colour cans and 10 million different types of rectangular cans every year. 

Standard Can has a wide range of coloured can can sizes, ranging from 1 to 20 litres. Customer applications include enamel paints, primers, industrial paints, wood stain paints and automotive paints.


We offer 4 types of rectangular can, in 2 sub-types
(standard and compact)

1.Vegetable Oil

2.Thinner and industrial paint

3.Bamboo shoot

4.Palm seed


Paint Cans

Rectangular Cans

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