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We provide cutting-edge technologies to ensure our product quality.
Research and Development Laboratory 

Different can product applications require different physical, chemical and biological properties To ensure our product quality, we use sophisticated measuring instruments including Axial load, Panel load, Seaming tests and Welding analysis, together with excellent analysis software that generates statistical data and test reports.

Metal printing decoration

We have a high quality UV printing machine (Metal Star II - 6 colors) including the highest technology specification pre-press section. The process features a state of the art graphic, full system color management and visual inspection camera system, resulting in the best quality possible on a printed can. We also offer specialist techniques, such as metallic color printing, pearl color printing, high resolution color printing, special varnishing processes etc.

Production Efficiency Monitoring system 

Our real-time production monitoring system displays current line activities and performance, which helps us to maximize the efficiency of every production line. The system is integrated with our internal document system, allowing us to access to the most up-to-date documents and specifications at anytime, as well as reducing paper usage throughout the plant.


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